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Pdf converter 88% OFF

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This offer is a "code 3" discount, meaning it does not give the right to upgrade with an otherwise normal discount.-Curt (July 20, 2011, 06:02 PM)
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-that was then. Today's offer is a "code 1" -offer, giving you normal rights. Only available today via Giveawayoftheday and >this link<. Wondershare has apparently closed AnyBizSoft, and is re-launching their products under the Wondershare -name. However, the new "PRO" editor converter has clearly been further improved; it now includes OCR.

Pro's "normal price" is said to be $80, but today only it is merely $15.
A fine offer.  :up: +scroll down a little.


Link in first post is still active - but, okay, I see the more recent offer is upgradeable.

Are you happy with it Curt?
Have you used the OCR capabilities?

I merely purchased it, I don't actually use it, because it 'only' is a converter,
but I already have Nitro OCR Pro; converter and editor.


Thank you for the GAOD link above.  Worked fine and have the key already. 

I merely purchased it, I don't actually use it, because [...]
-Curt (October 13, 2011, 10:01 AM)
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Well, I'm not too far behind you :)
I got a copy of [I-cant-even-remember-it's-name] for managing PDF's - with OCR, but haven't installed it yet...


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