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How necessary is the UAC in Windows 7?

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Personally I say put it to max and leave it there. If you have a badly written app that needs Admin privileges always then select that checkbox in the shortcut compatibility tab. Sure you'll have to ok it every time it runs, but at least you won't ever forget it manually have to right click and say "Run as Administrator".
-Eóin (July 19, 2011, 04:41 PM)
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I have no idea whether the apps I use such as Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Pro, Revo Uninstaller Pro,  Dreamweaver, Babylon Pro, Everything Search, and a bunch of others are badly written.  I know they work well and are highly regarded by people I respect.  Nonetheless, even though I have an administrator account,  I have to OK these programs every time I use them.  Indeed, even if I've OK'd them for one task, I have to OK them two minutes later to perform a second task.  I've been willing to do that in the interest of enhanced security (even though I almost never have security problems), but I'm NOT willing to turn off the UAC and reboot my computer every time I want to use Dreamweaver and ActiveWords together, and then turn UAC back on and reboot again.  I tried the suggestion to "run as administrator" (even though I have an administrator account), but that didn't help.  I've decided that continually resetting UAC and rebooting is simply not worth it.  I hope I'm right.  :)

There's something odd going on it sounds like. If you run both Dreamweaver and ActiveWords as an Administrator, and ok both UAC prompts, then they should work just as they do when UAC is turned off altogether.

Rebooting everything would be crazy I agree with you, but there must be an easier solution without disabling UAC altogether.

There's something odd going on it sounds like. If you run both Dreamweaver and ActiveWords as an Administrator, and ok both UAC prompts, then they should work just as they do when UAC is turned off altogether.
-Eóin (July 19, 2011, 08:26 PM)
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Eóin, thanks VERY much for posting.  Something odd was going on.  I thought it was enough to click on the "run as administrator" option available from a right click either from the taskbar or from LaunchBar Commander (I tried both), but doing that didn't make the two programs work together.   Your message prompted me to try one more thing.  In the right-click Compatibility tab, I put a check mark in the "Run As Administrator" box in both programs.  That worked! Why that worked when the other similar approaches didn't, I don't know.  I'll add that to the 149,376 other things I still don't understand about my computer. :-[

Carol Haynes:
"Everything" needs to run with admin priviledges because of the way it indexes NTFS volumes.

There are a number of workarounds to get "Everything" (and any other app you want) to run without UAC prompts. The trick is to set up a scheduled task and then either invoke it at startup or login or create a shortcut to start the task as required.

The reason this works is that you can set scheduled tasks to run with admin settings without using UAC prompts.

Eóin is correct, there is something odd going on on your system - if you start an app with elevated privileges then any child processes should automatically get those privileges too. At least that seems to be the way it works on my system.

Thanks, Carol, for your message.  I can understand why Everything, Revo, and Malwarebytes need my OK, though why Dreamweaver and, especially, Babylon Pro need this isn't so clear to me.  But I'm willing to put up with the minor inconvenience of having to click on YES, even the multiple YESES for Malwarebytes.  Indeed, what surprises me is how many programs seem not to need UAC approval--ActiveWords, for example. 

Anyway, as you've probably seen from my previous message, I finally did succeed in getting ActiveWords and Dreamweaver to work together.  I have no idea why my earlier attempts to get them to Run as Administrator didn't work, but putting a check mark in the right place in the Compatibility tab seems to have done the trick.

Thanks for the suggestion about scheduled tasks.  My problem is that I rarely schedule tasks.  I much prefer to do them when it's convenient for me, and that's something I usually can't predict.  :)


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