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Newsletter for July 18th, 2011 - "DonationCoder Plus"

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Newsletter for July 18th, 2011"DonationCoder Plus"

1. Newsletter Editorial

Welcome to another edition of the DonationCoder newsletter.  The title of this edition is a play on Google+ which is the hot new thing in the social networking wars.  I try to stay away from these social networking things and avoid using them, but I did create an account just to see what all the fuss was about; there are a few discussion threads about it in the newsletter.  Things must be a little slow on the forum lately because it's been over a month since the last newsletter and this edition only has 9 sections (compared to the normal 10-12).  This might be the perfect time for those of you who are working on something interesting, or who want to start a new project, to make a post on the forum and tell the rest of us about your idea.

2. User-to-User: Your Input Requested

We welcome everyone's participation on the forum, no matter what your level of computer knowledge or how long you've been a DC member. If you're still waiting to make your first post, see the links below for some good places to jump in.

* Looking at Cameras
* 64 Bit OS - When to Switch ?
* Recommend a projector to me
* Show us the view outside your window

3. Website Discoveries, Debates, and Discussions

What's new in cyberspace? What exciting new sites have been discovered by forum members?  What's the current hot topic and debate? Read on to find out..

* Software Mysteries (or: the rants and raves of a tech blogger)
* Google+
* Google+ Extensions thread
* Reminder Bear - Single Use Bookmarks
* BrowserID - Mozilla's solution to the password problem
* I am so sick of google's search result urls with tracking info
* What is Mozilla trying to do?

4. Coding Snacks and Member Software

We've had quite a bit of activity in the Coding Snacks section since the last newsletter.  The Coding Snacks section is where people post requests for small utilities, and DC coders like Skwire can be found implementing them daily.

* Foreground wallpaper
* App that keeps track of money you find
* HashReplace - Replace all files with identical contents
* Dropbox "Desktop"
* LAN Speaker Control.
* Check folder and tell me which PDFs are images (non-searchable)
* Dimscreen support of multi monitors
* Trim Work Area
* Adjust Work Area

5. Discounts and Giveaways

This month we have two giveaways and a discount:

* $15 off ExpanDrive (regular price $39.95 so that's nearing 40% off), but only until the end of July; plus 10 licenses to give away in the next week.
* 5 licenses of EditPad Pro to give away.
* More details will be posted in the Announcement section.

6. Fun, Games, Humor and Amusements on the Web

If you've read the newsletter up to this point, take a break and check out the lighter side of the forum - humor, videos, and games..

* Lifetime access to up-to-date info -- is this the future of the textbook?
* XBOX 360 with Kinect or Wii?
* VIDEO: Pixels by Patrick Jean
* "We're Alive" - Online Radio Show Drama
* New Riff on a Standing Desk: Introducing the Sitting/Standing Desk Hybrid

7. Software Discussion

Almost half the posts on the forum fall into the category of software discussions, questions, recommendations, etc. This is one of the most active sections of the DC forum and a great resource if you're trying to solve a software or hardware related problem.

* The best freeware virtual PDF printer tools
* Help: Spherical timesheet gone, what do I use now?
* Virtual cd/dvd drive software (2011)
* xplorer 2.0: First beta versions around
* Screenshot Captor: Repeat Region Capture and Numbering Files for Animation/Sequencing
* Drivers Log software
* Sticky notes for Linux?

8. Developer's Corner

The title of this section shouldn't scare you off - there is definitely something of interest for everyone here! It's more than just a section for the discussion of software development, it's also where we discuss web design, entrepreneurial ideas, and general productivity issues.  It's great to see that the section has been pretty active recently.

* Simple Machines Forum 2.0 Is Released
* Free Microsoft Kinect Dev Kit for Windows 7 released for non-commercial use.
* Forum Concept..
* How To Program Independent Games
* Windows 8 - DirectUI, WinRT, .NET and c++ - Two worlds meet again
* Software Revenue/Licensing Thoughts
* How to stop forum spam ?

9. NANY 2012

At the very end of each year DonationCoder runs an event called NANY (New Apps for the New Year), where we invite the programmers who hang out on our site to release a brand new (free) application to the world.  Long time NANY organizer Perry Mowbray will be on vacation for most of NANY this year, but DC member Kyrathaba has been extremely generous in volunteering to shepherd this year's NANY through to completion. Three cheers for Kyrathaba!

In an attempt to encourage larger applications we've started banging the NANY drum a little earlier this year, and we're encouraging people to start pledging application ideas or start requesting help for beta testing or coming up with ideas.  NANY is open to coders of all backgrounds, so please help us spread the word to anyone you know who needs some encouragement to release something new.

* Gentlemen (and Ladies), Start Your Engines!!
* NANY 2012 Ground Rules, Submission Template & Goals
* NANY 2012 Pledge & Early Beta: Kyrathaba's Hangman
* N.A.N.Y. 2012 Brainstorming, Suggestions
* NANY 2012 Pledge: Crush Turbochecker
* NANY 2012 Idea Suggestion: Online Game Night Manager
* NANY 2012 Idea Suggestion: Virtual Collectible Trading Card Game Framework
* NANY 2012 Pledge & Early Beta: Kyrathaba's Source Code Line Counter
* NANY 2012 Pledge: De-stress
* NANY 2012 Idea Suggestion: Picture Grid Arranger
* NANY 2012 Pledge: Got Space? Disk Utility.

Nice newsletter. Thanks!

When are the details going to be released for the monthly giveaway? :D

Hopefully later today or early tomorrow.  Discount info will also be posted as soon as possible.


Thanks, as always.

Great newsletter - how do I always manage to miss a few great posts when I idle on the forum all the damned time!

@cthorpe: any news of those tempting ExpanDrive giveaways... it is nearly the end of the month and I'd love to be in the running :)



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