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NTI Shadow 5 (MAC) 75% Discount



For limited time only get NTI Shadow 5 (MAC) 75% Discount (9.99USD) from this link:

The Complete Backup Solution for Mac OS X
Continuous Data Protection
Volume Cloning
File and Folder Backup and Sync
Native File Format Backup
  Whether you want to back up your entire system or just a few important files, NTI Shadow 5 is your answer.
NTI Shadow 5 is an easy to use "set it and forget it" backup solution that will back up, synchronize, and clone all of your data and partitions. All data is backed up in their native format for hassle free restoration. Files are backed up in real time with Shadow's continuous mode so that you are always protected from data loss.

What's New in Shadow 5
Volume Cloning - make an exact, even bootable, copy of your hard disk partition
Folder Merging - combine and synchronize the contents of two folders
Mini Status - small unobtrusive window to keep track of your backups
New Look and Feel - new look and new way to select files for backup
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I cannot seem to be able to download the trial version from the provided link :; has anyone got more success ?  Thanks


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