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Am I alone in not using or wanting to use the "Cloud" ...

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It seems you guys don't consider email to be a cloud service?

You can, after all, access it from anywhere. Your data is primarily stored on a server you don't have under your control. Actually, today, it is still surprisingly hard to have your email data stored (that is just a claim, for I don't really know) and communicated in an encrypted form.

Carol Haynes:
I use GMail - but I don't trust it for its storage capability which is why I back it up locally daily

Stoic Joker:
It seems you guys don't consider email to be a cloud service?-phitsc (July 25, 2011, 03:48 AM)
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True, as it's a way to get things to you. Kinda like the Post Office vs. a filing cabinet. Once you get it from the post office it's "yours". And you can then decide if/where to store it.

Being that most (or at least they used to be) mail services are POP/SMTP, by default nothing was stored online after delivery. MAPI clients did/do that but I don't think they've entirely taken over just yet. So (for the most part) your mail storage is up to you (e.g. non-Cloud).

Did I mention that I run my own mail server.

You know you're a masochistic geek when...

Did I mention that I run my own mail server.
-Stoic Joker (July 25, 2011, 06:41 AM)
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Yeah... I'm in the same club...

On topic -- My wife just got burned by Yahoo. She had a blog with Yahoo and they axed it all. She lost a couple years worth of writing. (Pulse)

I've been there too many times.

The cloud (originally had a typo -- COULD -- rather ironic) is great if you PAY for it. Free s**t is exactly that. S**t. But worse. Dry s**t. Y'know. Like as in buffalo chips. Dried elephant poo. Y'know... The stuff that BURNS and people use for FUEL! Ya gotta expect that you're gonna get burned. You don't roll around in gasoline then light up a cigarette and complain that it was not fun.

I think News Corp. got burned too. To the tune of about 550 million times. Hahahahaha~! :P

Mind you, some pay services have suddenly dumped people too. But, it's less frequent.

Other than a few things that you can't purchase, like a Facebook or Twitter account, pretty much everything I use "in the cloud" (whatever that means -- they're just servers with a "cooler" name) is paid. That's actually not much, as I don't have much faith in anything.

Ok. Time to go get non-cynical. Without stinky fuel. :) :P

I understand that there's a variant of poker that uses buffalo chips...  :P


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