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Am I alone in not using or wanting to use the "Cloud" ...

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The title says it all - am I all alone with my little PC and my files all here with me ?

I wonder if others feel the same, maybe misplaced, distrust of the cloud ?

Nope, you're not alone.

Noone actively wants to use these buzzword technologies, save for the firms that sell them, and a few transnational corporations for whom it makes sense.

But the vast majority does not think about the matter very much. Instead people passively rely on the information they had been fed through advertisements. Hence the feeling that cloud or any other buzzword is useful.

No. I hate the cloud. I distrust companies as a whole. No facebook nor twitter for me - nevermind all my personal collected stuff. If I forget to backup and I lose my stuff, I can blame me. Once I use the cloud (as my backup), they are supposed to backup their stuff, but once that goes wrong they'll weasel out of it with their black-on-whites.

Don't get me wrong: I love the digital world. And for everything that gets out of fashion/usefulness in a short time period, I don't really care since I'll likely replace it with something more suitable of the times. But my photos, videos and other memories are my own. And if big money wants to take a bite at that stuff, I'll make them bite at world peace first. And climate changes. And more stuff.

(What do you mean paranoid? ;))

Those who are using low speed internet connection feel the same. I don't want games, audio/graphics apps/notebook/wordprocessor apps and files on cloud. I wish to keep that data on my HD. But i do think cloud storage is good option for website backup, online radio etc.

I am slowly using more and more of the "cloud", but I am not happy about it. The main issue for me is the opacity of the cloud. I do not know what hardware and software and people are taking care of my data. When I do not understand something, I tend to fear it.

I am dreaming about a different cloud, one that is more transparent in its working and I can see what is going on inside.


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