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Google+ Extensions thread

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[via John Walkenbach]

Here's one called Usability Boost for Google Plus:
"It's small CSS changes that put the focus on the content, separating visually posts and comments."

It's a subtle change, but it definitely improves readability.

[via  Simon Laustsen]:

Liquid G+ userstyle:

And some goodies from Micah Whittman (Yes, he is a DC member, so if you like his stuff, you can easily show your support) Micah is legendary for his enhancements to Friendfeed, and he has been busy enhancing our experiences on G+ too!

GooglePlusPlus User Mute - The googleplusplus_user_mute userscript / extension for Google+ (aka Google Plus aka G+) mutes all posts by specific users. Click MUTE USER link next to the Public/Limited status. Once muted, a placeholder for each post appears with {User Name} UNMUTE, which if clicked will stop muting that particular user.

GooglePlusPlus Default Circle - The googleplusplus_default_circle userscript / extension for Google Plus (aka Google+ aka G+) adds a star next to each circle stream name. The star can be clicked to set or unset one circle stream as your default. When a default is set, going to the Stream view (which is an aggregate of all your circles) you automatically get redirected to your default stream.

GooglePlusPlus Hide Images - googleplusplus_hide_images is a user script for Google Plus (aka Google+ aka G+) that adds a button under each Google Plus post image to hide it (toggle show / hide). Hides the image on original post and all shared posts. Tired of an animated GIF that keeps getting shared over and over in different posts? – hide it once an forget about it.

GooglePlusPlus Hide Comments - The googleplusplus_hide_comments userscript for Google Plus adds a Hide Comments or Show Comments link on each post; this feature is sticky (the hidden or shown state is recorded in the browser’s local storage).

GooglePlusPlus Search With Google - googleplusplus_search_with_google is a user script for Google Plus (aka Google+ aka G+) that toggles the built-in search input Find People with another option: Search Google Plus with the Google search engine using the site: filter.

GooglePlusPlus Hide Sidebars - The googleplusplus_hide_sidebars is a user script for Google Plus (aka Google+ aka G+) that adds a feature to hide/show left and right side bars, and makes the main content wider. This feature is sticky and will show either a Hide Sidebars link or Show Sidebars link.

Wow, thanks April! Can't wait to try these out. And also for the heads up on Micah.

Here's another:

Extended Share for Google Plus
Extends Google+ to share to Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.


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