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Google+ Extensions thread

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G+ is not *usually* slow for me, though certainly it is sometimes. Does it seem slow as in "taking a while to fetch the data from the server" or slow as in "running too much Javascript and slowing down my browser/computer"?

FF may benchmark faster (depends on version and test), but in repeated anecdotal "tests" Chrome "feels" faster (this is a sentiment echoed by almost anyone I know who has tried Chrome recently vs. FF). :D

- Oshyan

It "feels" faster because everyone implies that.

You might be right. I don't have Flash installed on my Linux system for that very reason -- idiots were building entire websites of Flash and it will bring the entire browser to a halt. Wasn't worth the few videos I miss here and there. Convert them to HTML5 or not, I won't go back to Flash.

Thanks for everybody's input on my tangential preoccupations. The general consensus is that firefox should be fast, and it seems reasonable enough (even if Chrome does "feel" faster, for both subjective and objective reasons...  ;)). I'm absolutely not ready to abandon firefox for chrome, so I will later disable some (or all) firefox plugins and re-enable them in little groups and... report back.

I wouldn't be surprised if somewhere in these add-ons lies the source of problem.

Ok, the problem is the NoScript add-on. It's the first one I disabled, so it was easy (the usual suspect).

Whitelisting the address or even enabling all scripts didn't seem to make a difference. Later, I might try to tinker a bit more with it, but for now, with NoScript disabled... Firefox is almost as fast as chrome...  ;)

Now let's see if Google Plus remains fast throughout the week.


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