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Google+ Extensions thread

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@zridling, @mahesh2k

Chrome is faster than firefox for sure (although chrome once choked on a Google+ page -- this is anecdotal though and probably doesn't tell anything).

In any case Google+ doesn't seem light at all... don't know if Flash and Ajax are the "cause" or if Firefox is. Will do some more testing this week if I have the time. Thanks.

Chrome is not faster than Firefox. It was, years ago...

You might be right. But that's not the point. Errr...  I should've put my comment in context : in the context of Google+ and my home, Chrome is faster than Firefox for sure.  :) (I've usually got no interest in benchmarks of any sort for browsers as it seems like an endless debate with too many parameters involved -- Unless the difference is so blunt that there's no possible ambiguity.)

It is entirely independent of the website that Firefox is faster, unless Google introduced some "let's slow down foreign browsers" technology.

Ok, firefox is faster... That said, Google+ is still slower here on firefox and I'm wondering why. But no big deal... I was asking if other people had the same experience as this is a Google+ related thread.


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