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Google+ Extensions thread

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Plus Minus is nice when you want to surf that circle of fluff and goofy junk and nothing else.


Replies and More for G+

Improve the G+ reply mechanism immensely by grabbing the Replies and More Google+ Chrome extension. The extension puts links throughout G+ that let you reply to the author of any post or comment with a single click -- and without all the "+"-typing hassle. This one actually allowed me to drop two other extensions since it did a better job.


G+ Stream Pause

This one works great, and I've no idea why Google doesn't include a simple function like this to start with. It pauses your stream with universal PAUSE/PLAY symbols on your toolbar. Now you can read a longer post, extended comments, or compose a comment yourself without new posts continuously bouncing your cursor point offscreen.
CAVEAT: This extension pauses -- or rather freezes -- your entire stream "page," temporary disabling G+'s autopagination. Reactivate the stream and the "More Entries" bar at the bottom works again.

These are the most used extensions and apps dedicated to G+. No doubt some are redundant.

1. Extended Share (75,616 users) -
Extends Google+ to share to Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and many more.

2. +Photo Zoom (60,487 users) -
Easily zoom photos and profile pics from your Google Plus Stream.

3. Facebook Friend Exporter (51,651 users) -
Get your data contact out of Facebook to Google Contacts or CSV, whether they want you to or not.

4. Scroll To Top Button (41,868 users) -
Adds a scroll to top or bottom button.

5. Replies and more for G+ (39,957 users) -
Adds reply and reply-to-author buttons to Google+ comments and a number of other enhancements.

6. Surplus (37,774 users) -
Google Plus Integration for Chrome

7. G+me (35,532 users) -
Collapses the Google+ stream while keeping live updates: collapses posts, hides comments, etc.

8. Google Translate for G+ (26,898 users) -
Translate your Google+ stream using integrated, inline, Google Translate support.

9. Usability Boost for G+ (26,301 users) -
Greatly improves readability on Google Plus, ability to star posts to read later and some other useful features

10. Google+ Ultimate (16,759 users) -
This extension for Google Plus adds functionatility and themeing for the site.

11. Google Plus Directory (13,618 users) -
Find your G+ is a Google Plus person directory, where you can meet new people, start making new friend circles and more for Google+

12. -1 Minus One for G+ (12,274 users) -
Minus one (-1) button in Google+ (Post & Comment), Notifications.

13. More for Google Plus (7,996 users) -
Loads more content as you reach the bottom of the Google+ page.

14. Google+ Tweaks (7,601 users) -
Tweaks to the layout and features of Google+ (Google "Plus") Full width, thumbnails only, etc.

15. Notification Count for G+ (7,487 users) -
Extension for displaying unread notification count for Google Plus

16. Helper for Google+ (7,136 users) -
Add extra functions the Google+. Get desktop notifications on new posts. Share Posts via twitter. Translate posts with Google Translate. Bookmark posts faster for reading later (also to Linked #hashtags. Search in posts and profiles directly from your omnibox.

17. G+ Count in Title (5,411 users) -
Adds notification count to the document title in the page tab.

18. +1 Button (5,256 users) -
Plus one every page you like with only one click, directly from omnibox, without any annoying popup

19. Uncircle+ (5,022 users) -
Google+: Find and Remove Inactive People in Selected/All Circles. Inactivity = No Public/Private Posts At All or Since a Chosen Date

20. +Everything (4,590 users) -
Adds the Google+ bar to all websites.

21. Auto-Colorizer for G+ (4,220 users) -
Colorizes Google+ and Facebook based on the user's photo.

22. Google Plus Friend Finder (2,803 users) -
Google Plus Friend Finder it's a web application wich helps you to find your friends by city, country, occupation and even more.

23. G+ Stream Pause (2,600 users) - Allow's you to pause your Google+ stream so you can take your time reading or watching videos posted

24. Golden View for Google+ (1,275 users) -
Google Plus enhancements: (optional) modules: User Mute, Default Circle, Hide Images, Hide comments, & Search w/ Google.

25. Hangout Auto Try Again for G+ (1,066 users) -
Tired of clicking the try again button for Hangouts? Then install this.

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