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InfoQube & TreeSheets: Information managers of the future

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So I've been using Treesheets fairly heavily the last few weeks...I'm just continuing to be more and more impressed with it.  I think I have found my ultimate note taker.  This thing is brilliant.  This is what I'm talking about when I talk about elegance in a program.  It is visually really nice, very easy to use compared to most applications of this kind, and the unique way it handles hierarchical information is just in a class of its own.  I'm able to display my weirdest and most complex ideas in a very satisfying way with this program.  It may very well replace multiple programs that I currently use regularly.

Give this a shot, people.  Any of you who are interested in mind mapping, information management, todo lists, outliners, anything like that...try this out.  I give it my highest recommendation possible.

Any chance you would take a video of what you did?
I tried to use it, but discarded it quickly... it just didn't resonate.

Any chance you would take a video of what you did?
I tried to use it, but discarded it quickly... it just didn't resonate.
-urlwolf (August 18, 2011, 08:34 PM)
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If you tell me your thoughts on it, I'd be able to comment on it.  What didn't you like about it?  What would you like it to accomplish?  I can't show you the grids I have prepared because they are private, and creating one from scratch would take a while.  But if I know what you need, I can maybe do a little thing about that.

For me, the best way I like to describe it is this:  it feels like it shows me graphically the way my brain works.  You start with a a general subject, and you just dig deeper and deeper and deeper.  You can literally hone in (zoom in) on your idea.  It is seriously effective for me.

Over the years, I've used a zillion different information gatherers/managers, but none of them seemed good for everything.  Then I discovered Surfulater, and that has been my information manager of choice for the past couple of years.  I haven't tried InfoQube or TreeSheets, but I don't feel any real need to switch.  The one thing I haven't found is a replacement for askSam's ability to create free-form databases.  The rest of askSam sucks, IMHO, but for free-form databases I continue to use askSam.  Are there easy-to-use alternatives?  I have no wish to deal with Access-type programs.  Also, I don't care whether a program can do other things--all I'm looking for is an easy-to-use program to create and use databases.

@CyberDiva - I've noticed you often speak highly of Surfulator. Ever consider posting a review of Surfulator on DC? You're a longtime user so you'd be uniquely qualified to do it.


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