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NANY 2012 Release: Got Space?

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Stoic Joker:
NANY 2012 Entry Information
Application Name Got Space? Version Short Description Utility to View Drive Space Available Supported OSes Windows2000 - Windows7 Web Page Yer on it. Download Link GotSpace (build 35 - Final Release).zip (77.19 kB - downloaded 2760 times.) System Requirements
* A Computer
* Windows2000 or Higher
* A HDD or twoVersion History
* v1.0.0.0 - Runs without crashing anything.
* v1.0.0.1 - Killed the SUBSTitute FAT Bugg.
* v1.0.0.5 - Faster / Added Setable Settings.
* v1.0.0.? - I forget...But it was important.
* v1.0.0.8 - Add hotkeys for refresh & settings.
* v1.0.0.10 - Added save size/location options.
* v1.0.0.12 - Added last update timestamp.
* v1.0.0.14 - Finished registry code.
* v1.0.0.23 - Eject/remove Drives.
* v1.0.0.24 - Dynamic Height Adjustment.
* v1.0.0.25 - Hide Drives by Letter.
* v1.0.0.26 - Drive Space Color Coding.
* v1.0.0.35 - Final Release Build.Source Code GotSpace.jpg (47.79 kB. 427x318 - viewed 2043 times.)

Got Space? is a small simple portable utility that will list the available drives and the space available on them. It's actually a clone of another program I've been using for years which has never been updated and lacks some of the features that I'll be adding to Got Space? Because I need them.

Automatic Autoscaling between KB, MB, & GB - Because 0.2GB isn't really helpful if you need a place to stick a 235MB file quickly.
Quota Detection - Because when quotas are enabled you need to know how much space is available to you, not the system.
Auto Refresh (Optional/off by default) - Adjustable between 3 - 300 seconds
Detects SUBST command drives and displays them, but does not add them to the drive space totals.

Drive Types Displayed is user adjustable.
Drive Types Totaled is user adjustable.
User Configured Settings can be stored in one of 3 places:
      Memory - Allows you to test a configuration for the current session only.
      Registry  - Will override (but not overwrite) .ini settings.

Hotkeys available:
   F5 manual refresh
   F8 Show Settings dialog

Window size,position, and column widths can all be saved independently of each-other. So if you like a certain window size and column width layout, but don't want to commit to a specific window position (frequent portable app issue) ... Just deselect the options you don't want to save.

Added a StatusBar with a timestamp for the last time GotSpace? was updated. ...No, I can't seem to code anything without putting a god damn clock in it. *Sigh*

Program window can (/does by default) automatically resize itself to display all detected drives without scrolling.

Drives can now be independently hidden by drive letter(s).

Color coding - Drives with less that 10% free space turn red, & drives with 100% free space turn green.

High (green) and low (red) points are now adjustable.

Planned Features
Open for Suggestions.

Main Program Window:

Settings Dialog:

Extended Drive Info:

About GotSpace:
[ Invalid Attachment ]

Unzip, run.

Using the Application
Initial startup is run it & read it. Use settings to show/hide drives by type, and add/remove drive types from the tracked drive space totals.

Just delete it.

Known Issues

You certainly made it well within the Pledge Countdown  :P  Sounds like a useful utility.  Looking forward to learning about the additional features you're adding...

Stoic Joker:
Added a downloadable alpha build

Looks very good Joker!  thanks for it.  I cannot wait on some other computers

Is it too soon to report this stuff?

Getting exceptions due to empty drives.
So, refresh creates a loop that has to be forcibly terminated.

FYI Some virtual drives (HIJ), legacy floppy support is on (A), card reader (N), SATA opticals (UV)

NANY 2012 Release: Got Space?


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