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Dumb backup method - lost several years of notes

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Stoic Joker:
This massive error has only happened because the Surfalator database was on a RAID 0 drive, which died when the machine it was inside died.-nudone (July 14, 2011, 06:28 AM)
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Ouch! Been there, Dead board kills RAID 0 contents. It went poof in the middle of a defrag. Sorry to hear that man.

And I thought I had the database mirrored to another drive - so, yep, I thought I could format the drives in the RAID 0 setup, which I did. Now I've discovered there isn't any mirrored backup.-nudone (July 14, 2011, 06:28 AM)
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FWIW, data recovery from proprietary RAID arrays is iffy at best ... So the format wasn't really that damning. RunTime Software's GetDataBack has a RAID Reconstructor that does well to rebuild an image of the old array. But the end results weren't stellar as most of the data was unusable. I probably only recovered 60% after months of scouring the different alignment options. And still to this day (years later) have a folder of recovery fragments I dig through from time to time because I can't bring myself to just cut-my-losses and delete it.

Try running a deleted file recovery software on the mirror drive... you just might hit the jackpot.  :)

Yeah, thought it would be futile trying to recover the RAID 0 drive. Maybe the dumb thing I did was split this RAID 0 drive up into 3 partitions and that's why I just forgot about where things where kept and whether they were safely backed up.

I will give the undelete a go. Maybe it will be my lucky day...

My backup claim to fame is when I tried to restore the backup.

By force of habit I ran the batch file that backs up my data.

Which then proceeded and deleted the backup!

Ouch. I do believe all this accidental deletion of backups shows that it's a good idea to have several backups of the same stuff - on different drives and at different locations.

It also seems like a good idea to include several versions of the backups. Then when you believe you are doing the right thing by deleting something that's superfluous, you can always recover an older version of it that you were keeping safe when you realise you've deleted the wrong thing.

Anyway, it is my super lucky day.

I have found a backup of a backup of a backup on an old IDE drive that I'd store things on just for the hell of it. Which means I can get some of the Surfulator data back. I'm just not sure how recent this backup will be. If it's only a month old I'm very lucky indeed.


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