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Dumb backup method - lost several years of notes

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Oh well. The Surfulater backup was 3 years old. So, not that useful really.

I'll just accept I need to start creating new notes to replace what's lost. And back them up properly.

Oy, vey!

Recently went through something similar, so sympathy (same pain) can truly be offered  :'(.

Recalls the old days of DOS, 2.x methinks, where the backup worked perfectly, but the restore was a flop  ;D.

If you - or anyone, for that matter - come up with a foolproof system, please publish it - this fool would be very interested  :P.

I had been playing with a XAMPP install for some sites and had the (idiotic) idea of storing some notes in a local MySQL database. One day I emptied the databases because the so-called testing was finished and guess what I deleted with them?
Can never be too careful and too lucky!


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