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I am so sick of google's search result urls with tracking info

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maybe this would help? - Getting rid of "Google Goo"

Thanks for the suggestions, everyone.  Now to pick one or more of these solutions..

I tried 3 greasemonkey scripts that failed:

* Google Search - Remove Redirection (v2.02)
* Disable Google Search Result Redirect
* Scrub Google Redirect Links
And then finally one that worked (thanks sri and Lashiec!):

* Google Tracking-B-Gone
Having said that, it's been strongly suggested to me that I simply stop using the google homepage to search from, and I think i will probably do that, and maybe start using duckduckgo or scroogle, or one of those.

zridling: insists on tracking every link i click in their search results.-mouser (July 13, 2011, 02:51 PM)
--- End quote ---

This is why whenever you visit so many corporate sites, you see something different than I do. Amazon shows me different books based on my past clicks, thinking it can know my interests, but they're not helping me explore and find something new, they're just trying to guess what they think I already like. It's essentially corporate censorship of your corner of the web and while it's a great way for them to rake in the cash on the average Joe, they have no clue how strange I really am! It blows chunks.

I generally use Scroogle or AltaVista.  Although I notice when I do an AV search now it says Yahoo.  They bought them maybe?


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