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I am so sick of google's search result urls with tracking info

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Does Scroogle just pass on your search terms and then return whatever Google returns? I guess the really important question (to me) is: Will my searches through Scroogle still be subject to Google's asinine restructuring/respelling of my search terms?  (Which I obviously hate with much passion!) I have a feeling that it does since it appears that it just passes info to and from Google, eliminating only the tracking aspect of it.

Thank you.

-J-Mac (July 20, 2011, 09:20 AM)
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Hi Jim... I'm not sure if this will apply to in-depth searches; and I avoid google, so I'm not too familiar with the restructuring/respelling. But here is what
resulted when I intentionally misspelled "receive" as "recieve" (which I am always doing anyway). The first screenshot is what I entered. The second screenshot
shows the search term in black bold type at the upper left. I think the search terms you input through Scroogle are unmolested.  :)


Whoa! Revolutionary new search engine! Will NOT track you!

Anyone know of a firefox or other addon to get rid of this garbage?

-mouser (July 13, 2011, 02:51 PM)
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Try    Better yet, make a search plugin for FF.  Or get it from
  Hope this is helpful.

adding one more GM script to the roster: Google Search No Evil Link Redirects.

Script Summary: This script transforms evil Google Search result redirects to take place on left click only (so that you can copy the URL with a right click or avoid the redirect with a middle click) or removes them altogether. •

Now using scripts "Search No Evil..." and "Tracking Be Gone..."

Thanks for the recommendations!


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