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DONE: Check folder and tell me which PDFs are images (non-searchable)

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However, the lists produced don't seem reliable: non-searchable 817; searchable 616.-vevola (July 15, 2011, 04:13 PM)
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Yep, that's what I was afraid of.  I'll work on a different method.

Let's give this a shot:  PDF Text Checker

Extract all the contents to a folder and run PDFTextChecker.exe.  This version uses the pdftotext.exe to extract any text from the PDF and then checks the resulting text file for any alphanumeric characters.  If any are found, it considers that searchable.  It's still not perfect but it seems to be better than the previous version.  If this version doesn't do it for you, you may be better off using something like File Hound to search through your PDFs.

Thanks again!

Better: 225 vs. 1205

But I also see many false-positives (about 1/3).


EDIT: Actually it is much better than what I wrote. There are false-positives, but probably not 1:3.

I think that unless you have any other tweaks, this may do! Thanks!

I think that unless you have any other tweaks, this may do! Thanks!-vevola (July 17, 2011, 08:12 AM)
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You're welcome; apologies that it couldn't be more accurate.


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