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Recommendations for books on programming C++ w/ boost


Hi there,
it's been quite a while since I've been truly active here with anything coding related.

I've been working with the boost library for the last weeks and really like it.  However, I've barely scratched it on the surface.
I'm now looking for a good book on the topic to get into it in way more detail.
I've already got a couple of years of C++ experience under my belt so I'm not looking for anything like the 'Dummies' series ;)
Something that covers best practices, examples, and patterns would be perfect.

So here I am, asking for your recommendations on the topic :)
Any pointers you can give me are much appreciated.

Scott Meyers books, "Effective C++", "More Effective C++" and "Effective STL" are arguably must reads for idioms, best practices etc. I've read all of Matthew Wilsons books too, but "Imperfect C++" was the standout and I'd highly, highly, recommend it.

For Boost centric books I've only read "Beyond the C++ Standard Library: An Introduction to Boost", it's excellent and though might seem out of date (Boost moves very fast) the core libraries it covers are stable and largely unchanged.

A more up to date Boost book is the online and free, "The Boost C++ Libraries", which the Boost mailing list was highly impressed by.

Sounds good, thanks a lot for the tip!  I'll go with Effective C++ and Effective STL for starters and we'll see where I'll end up :)

I don't know about any general Boost book other than "Beyond the C++ Standard Library" which Eóin already mentioned. There are some about specific libraries, like "The Boost Graph Library".

Beyond the C++ Standard Library is a very good book. I wouldn't even consider it to be much out of date. It does cover only a selection of libraries though. It's more like an overview to make yourself familiar with some of the more often used libraries. To learn about specific libraries, I think the online documentation does an excellent job.

Didn't know about "The Boost C++ Libraries", so thanks for point that out.


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