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Finished Coding Snack: Organize Text

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I know necro-posting is looked down upon but it finally dawned on me how radical Text Targets is. (Note that I haven't downloaded the program so I'm not sure I get this correctly.)

This thing, in concept, would arguably be the fastest GTD Weekly Review processor for any .txt GTD softwae set-up that was ever invented.

You could literally quick capture every task in Anuran, mass-export the archives via AnuVu..., send the text to this program...create several .txts like @Work, or @PC, or Someday/Maybe and then line by line send these tasks in one full scroll without ever having to be overloaded by all the tasks in front of you. Wow!

Consider my head blown. This is the first app that made me regret not using GTD anymore.
-Paul Keith (September 15, 2011, 11:41 AM)
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not sure I understood your post, but I agree this app is a masterpiece

Paul Keith:
Well, my post is directed at my understanding of GTD. If you are not familiar w/ GTD, then that's where the misunderstanding comes from.

If you are familiar with GTD however but still misunderstood, maybe you can point out which section of my post confused you and I'll do my best to expand on it.


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