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Data Recovery for SCO OpenServer

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i crashed my sco openserver harddisk ,which got lot of imp do i recover the data????
it's quite important.PLs help me out

What type of disk is it, how is it partitioned, and what FS are you using?

If it is indeed important data, I wouldn't mess around - especially if it is a case of mechanical failure.

The way you phrase your question makes me assume you are not a professional in data recovery. So, without meaning any offense, I suggest you immediately stop doing what you are doing and approach a professional company for the recovery. (It will cost a fair bit, but it is a logical consequence of not backing up. The cost you save one way will be incurred in another.)

Every action you take (even just turning the machine on) increases the chance the data cannot be recovered even by specialists.

If worstje's assumption about your level of technical knowledge is correct, then I must agree with him. This shouldn't be taken as an insult. It's the simple acknowledgement that even basic data recovery involves having some fairly advanced technical knowledge and experience.

If this data is that important, definitely seek assistance from a qualified data recovery service rather than try to do it yourself.  :)

Stoic Joker:
I'm with ^them^ ... Don't chance making it worse.


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