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xplorer² 2.0: First beta versions around


Nikos has worked quite a lot recently... x² 2.0 (currently versioned 1.81.x) made quite everything dockable & stuff.  :-*

Oh, and: New keys, so existing licensees will have to "upgrade" (for free in most cases).

The prices now are $30 + $30, so everybody "should" go to and click "I Want This"! I am exited to test version 2 quite soon, (when out of Beta), but I am quite poor at the moment, and I didn't see it in time when X² was on offer. But I Want This with a lifetime key ♥

[hint] Looking forward to read your upcoming micro/mini-review on X² version 2, Tuxman [/hint] ;-)

Meh, the only major changes are docking and a better preview system. But whatever...  ;D

How good is the preview? I'm in dire need of the fastest possible "preview and move in predetermined folders" tool and not adverse to buying what it takes...

Hmm, it uses standard preview handlers, so... average, I'd say.  ;D
Why don't you grab the beta and try it yourself?


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