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Bourne / Bash Shell Scripting Resources

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Well, to each his own, I guess...  :P
-Edvard (July 10, 2011, 03:38 AM)
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Well, at least at first, it seems dash / Bourne shell might be smaller targets :)

I used to have a $9 "in a nutshell" book with many example sh scripts.. but I can't seem to find it to get the exact title.
-MilesAhead (July 04, 2011, 11:42 PM)
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Don't know if it was UNIX in a Nutshell, but the author of that seems to have co-written a separate book on shell scripting:

  Classic Shell Scripting

Both appear to be "Look Inside" compatible :)

Brief Table of Contents

UNIX in a Nutshell, Fourth Edition (O'Reilly Page which includes Full Table of Contents) 2005

Chapter 1 Introduction
Chapter 2 Unix Commands
Chapter 3 The Unix Shell: An Overview
Chapter 4 The Bash and Korn Shells
Chapter 5 tcsh: An Extended C Shell
Chapter 6 Package Management
Chapter 7 Pattern Matching
Chapter 8 The Emacs Editor
Chapter 9 The vi, ex, and vim Editors
Chapter 10 The sed Editor
Chapter 11 The awk Programming Language
Chapter 12 Source Code Management: An Overview
Chapter 13 The Revision Control System
Chapter 14 The Concurrent Versions System
Chapter 15 The Subversion Version Control System
Chapter 16 The GNU make Utility
Chapter 17 The GDB Debugger
Chapter 18 Writing Manual Pages
Appendix A ISO 8859-1 (Latin-1) Character Set
Appendix B Bibliography

Classic Shell Scripting (O'Reilly Page which includes Full Table of Contents) 2005

Chapter 1 Background
Chapter 2 Getting Started
Chapter 3 Searching and Substitutions
Chapter 4 Text Processing Tools
Chapter 5 Pipelines Can Do Amazing Things
Chapter 6 Variables, Making Decisions, and Repeating Actions
Chapter 7 Input and Output, Files, and Command Evaluation
Chapter 8 Production Scripts
Chapter 9 Enough awk to Be Dangerous
Chapter 10 Working with Files
Chapter 11 Extended Example: Merging User Databases
Chapter 12 Spellchecking
Chapter 13 Processes
Chapter 14 Shell Portability Issues and Extensions
Chapter 15 Secure Shell Scripts: Getting Started
Chapter 16 Bibliography

As a side note, I noticed that O'Reilly provides a "Browse Contents" feature for (some of?) its books and sometimes has something akin to Amazon's "Look Inside".  May be there are other options for browsing book content...

Hmm...perhaps "Browse Contents" is just re-using Google content...

Bourne / Bash Shell Scripting Resources

Came across:

  BASH Debugger

The Bash Debugger Project is a source-code debugger for bash that follows the gdb command syntax.

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Bourne / Bash Shell Scripting Resources

Apart from the obvious application, it seems like this might be handy for learning.

Found this collection of tutorials:

The rest of the site is interesting too:

Currently going through the Good Coding Practices section.


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