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^There ya go then! ;D

That's why it pays to check for yourself. One person's "book o' wisdom" is another person's doorstop.

I appreciate their "Look Inside" feature when it's available -- in the current situation, that appears to be "yes" for the admin book and "no" for Sobell's book.
-ewemoa (July 09, 2011, 01:03 AM)
--- End quote ---
Sorry if I was unclear above  :-[

What I meant was that it looks possible to use "Look Inside" for one book and not the other.

Haven't decided about the books yet...although both books seem to cover far more than shell scripting :)

I'm pretty sure I had an earlier edition of this book:

The one I had was pocket size with a blue cover.  But the chapters in this are familiar.  Covers sh, bash and korn shells.  There should be a lot of useful examples if you are running a unix type OS.

Thanks for the suggestion :)

It looks like it is "Look Inside"-compatible too.

Checking out the Amazon page I see it supposedly covers:

* Solaris 10, the latest version of the SVR4-based operating system, GNU/Linux, and Mac OS X
* Bash shell (along with the 1988 and 1993 versions of ksh)
* tsch shell (instead of the original Berkeley csh)
* Package management programs, used for program installation on popular GNU/Linux systems, Solaris and Mac OS X
* GNU Emacs Version 21
* Introduction to source code management systems
* Concurrent versions system
* Subversion version control system
* GDB debugger
May be a fair bit more than what I'm interested in at this point, but it looks like I have another candidate for book browsing  ;)

I suppose it's worth checking out other O'Reilly titles -- there appear to be at least two:

* Learning the bash Shell
* bash Cookbook
Brief Table of Contents

Learning the bash Shell, Third Edition (O'Reilly Page which includes Full Table of Contents) 2005

* Chapter 1 bash Basics
* Chapter 2 Command-Line Editing
* Chapter 3 Customizing Your Environment
* Chapter 4 Basic Shell Programming
* Chapter 5 Flow Control
* Chapter 6 Command-Line Options and Typed Variables
* Chapter 7 Input/Output and Command-Line Processing
* Chapter 8 Process Handling
* Chapter 9 Debugging Shell Programs
* Chapter 10 bash Administration
* Chapter 11 Shell Scripting
* Chapter 12 bash for Your System
* Appendix A Related Shells
* Appendix B Reference Lists
* Appendix C Loadable Built-Ins
* Appendix D Programmable Completion
bash Cookbook (O'Reilly Page which includes Full Table of Contents) 2007

* Chapter 1 Beginning bash
* Chapter 2 Standard Output
* Chapter 3 Standard Input
* Chapter 4 Executing Commands
* Chapter 5 Basic Scripting: Shell Variables
* Chapter 6 Shell Logic and Arithmetic
* Chapter 7 Intermediate Shell Tools I
* Chapter 8 Intermediate Shell Tools II
* Chapter 9 Finding Files: find, locate, slocate
* Chapter 10 Additional Features for Scripting
* Chapter 11 Working with Dates and Times
* Chapter 12 End-User Tasks As Shell Scripts
* Chapter 13 Parsing and Similar Tasks
* Chapter 14 Writing Secure Shell Scripts
* Chapter 15 Advanced Scripting
* Chapter 16 Configuring and Customizing bash
* Chapter 17 Housekeeping and Administrative Tasks
* Chapter 18 Working Faster by Typing Less
* Chapter 19 Tips and Traps: Common Goofs for Novices
* Appendix A Reference Lists
* Appendix B Examples Included with bash
* Appendix C Command-Line Processing
* Appendix D Revision Control
* Appendix E Building bash from Source

The O'Reilly "Cookbook" series are usually a safe bet.  Depends what your main interest is. If it's more sysadmin or programmer oriented.


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