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DONE: App that keeps track of money you find

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Very often I am finding money; usually coins or small bills that have been lost or dropped.  Am wanting an app that would keep track of this over time, break-down amounts by currency found and type (coins, bills, some of both) (example: 13 nickels, two $1 bills) and total dollar amount found (examples: today $2.25, 2009 $31.47) and could compare or graph this information.  Would also like an option to enter the location of where it was found, have the app keep track of recurring locations (mall parking lot, city park, etc...) and list or graph totals over time by location.  Was thinking this would almost be a great smart-phone app, but whatever platform would be cool!  Thanks!

Very often I am finding money
--- End quote ---

Some1 is very lucky lol


Could you not just use a spreadsheet, or simple database app?

Well, sure . . . I have used a pen and paper before to keep track of it too!  Just thought it could possibly be a cool app!  Don't know anything about coding, but it seems like a pretty simple project for someone who does it.  Appreciate your interest! (-:

Sounds like an interesting idea, I can't code worth anything in Java (took two college classes in it and learned lots, but nothing actually applicable or practical for real-world use) so I can't help ya out on the smartphone (Android) front. For Windows, it could be done somewhat simply in .NET (VB/C#), but I couldn't do anything fancy with graphing and whatnot. If nobody else shows an interest, I might take it up, but there are much smarter people here that could do this a million times better than myself. Hopefully someone will take this on, I really like the idea :)

Thank you.  It's been a thought for awhile; will be interested to see what comes of it should anybody try it! (-:


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