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NANY 2012 Idea Suggestion: Improvement upon SizeFrame


There is a freeware VB6 application by Alex Vallat called SizeFrame, which can be used when designing user interfaces that are to be used at resolutions smaller than those of the system on which they are designed. Rather than having to change the screen resolution this utility simply displays a rectangluar frame of the appropriate size which can be moved around the screen to check what will fit inside it. A drop down list allows you to change the size of the frame to any of the standard resolutions between 640x480 and 1280x1024.

My challenge is for someone to develop a more flexible version of the program.  For example, the resolutions in SizeFrame are hard-coded in the executable.  Why not have the resolution dependent upon the user's input?  I'm sure you can think of other enhancements. 

NANY 2012 Idea Suggestion: Improvement upon SizeFrame

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I hope I'll be able to make a program you'll find more flexible than the one you've mentioned.


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