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Update for Windows XP (KB2541763)

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Arizona Hot:
This morning my computer was frozen while rebooting after the latest Windows Update. I had to manually shut down and reboot it. Has anyone else had a problem with this update? The descripion of the update is: A update that enables Internet Explorer in Windows XP, in Windows Vista, or in Windows Server 2008 to parse fragmented TLS/SSL handshake messages is available.

Rebooting here was okay....

There was some updates waiting to install yesterday when I was shutting down, the first one took about 15-20 min to install which I found very odd, but in the end it moved through and closed down.

My computer BSOD'd this morning while booting up.  I went into safe mode and removed KB2541763 and rebooted again.  After that, everything was fine.

Had the same problem. Will remove.


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