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Opera 11.5 Released

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Don't know if that happens to you, but until recently, i'd get not just those "lame bookmarks" that MilesAhead spoke of, but also a whole slew of duplicates (sync online process). With latest versions, the sync process seems to have improved.

Wonder why Opera installs those "lame bookmarks"?
Are they getting money for this publicity?
-dantheman (June 30, 2011, 07:46 PM)
--- End quote ---

Not sure but I did notice I was able to right click on all the folders in Bookmarks Bar and then Show On Bookmarks Bar.  Should have saved me time except the order was reversed. I still had to play around dragging them into the correct order. (edit: Sort Descending under View Menu then clicking Show On Bookmarks Bar I only had to move the bookmarklet. That's much easier.)

Where Opera still has the edge is auto wrap bookmarks bar.  All these years and no other browser I've seen can duplicate it.  Firefox can fake it via css settings.  But as soon as you resize the window you lose the scrollbars. Opera does it correctly out of the box.

My issues to move back to opera (using vimperopera);

1- Scroll is damn abrupt. Is there any way to change the scroll step when pressing arrow down?
Anything like yet another smooth scroll out there, but for opera?

2- gmail shortcuts don't work

3- google search box steals focus, and the userjs in the vimperopera page did not work for me

4- would like to have a kb shortcut to bookmark things on diigo...

@MilesAhead - pardon my ignorance, but what exactly is this "auto-wrapping" of bookmarks?

@urlwolf - "kb" shortcut for Diigo?

I only have my grade 12 diploma.

keyboard shortcut for diigo. The FF extension fully integrates with your bookmarks. I hate having to click a tiny icon to bookmark something.

Goccha! Diigolet isn't that bad!
Of course, Firefox was their first baby so it's hard for them to replicate their toolbar for every other browser (though they seem to be courting G Chrome quite a bit lately).

btw, i've also got a diploma in philosophy; not sure what that's worth these days.


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