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Opera 11.5 Released

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One weird thing... I had Opera Mobile on my phone, and have updated it, and installed Opera Mini... Huh?  :huh: Seems odd... I'm not sure what the difference is, but I'll look into it.
-Renegade (June 29, 2011, 03:43 AM)
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Opera mini compresses the website (and images) server side - hence is much more data usage friendly (and speeds it up in some cases). Also, it appears (my own personal experience, no other evidence) to be less memory hungry than Opera Mobile as well.

@Ren- According to the Opera website: Opera Mini is the same as Opera Mobile minus Opera's own rendering engine and support for Adobe Flash and HTML5.

Those 'omissions' seem to be because Apple won't allow Flash; or any rendering engine other than their own in a browser if it's going on an iPad/Phone.

I'm guessing Opera decided to differentiate because they wanted it to be known their mobile browser's limitations were due to having arbitrary limits put on it by Apple. In short, if it's on Apple, you're not getting the full Opera experience.

That said, this new Mobile version (I'm using it right now) is still significantly faster, and feels more 'solid', than the latest Safari. And +1 w/capitalH. It does seem to have a smaller memory footprint than previously.

It's just a better browser than Safari. No surprise there.  ;D

One thing that bugs me is every time I update I have to clean off those lame bookmarks I don't want. It should only stick bookmarks in if install detectd zero bookmarks or first install.

Don't know if that happens to you, but until recently, i'd get not just those "lame bookmarks" that MilesAhead spoke of, but also a whole slew of duplicates (sync online process). With latest versions, the sync process seems to have improved.

Wonder why Opera installs those "lame bookmarks"?
Are they getting money for this publicity?

Well, I've been using Opera Mobile lately on my phone, and it does seem zippier than the native browser, though when using the "Share" function, which links to a native API, it is slightly slower than the native browser. Still, I think I may be sticking with it from here on.


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