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Opera 11.5 Released

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If ad-block plus add-on goes to opera along with xmarks and few other FF add-ons then i have no other choice than to switch.
-mahesh2k (June 28, 2011, 10:08 AM)
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I don't know about passwords but for bookmarks this trick still works:

Export Firefox bookmarks as html

Import into Opera
Close Opera browser
Open Opera bookmarks.adr in a text editor

There should be a folder line underneath Trash or near the top that says
something like "Bookmarks imported from Firefox"

Delete that line and the imported bookmarks will fall into place
under the others.  I usually delete the stock ones that come with a
new install.  I use folders on the bookmarks toolbar so to get those I
have to drag & drop them onto the Personal Bar(if they still call it that)
but that only takes a few seconds.

All the free bookmark transfer programs I've tried I still have to go into
bookmarks.adr to get rid of that superfluous folder.

Periodically I use XMarks to sync from Chromium to Firefox but I don't leave it on all the time.  Too many issues with duplicates.  At least now FF has CheckPlaces and Chromium has Bookmark Sentry to get rid of the dupes.

Mention of x-marks and problems with synchronizing bookmarks made me realize that I haven't had that issue since I bought the bookmark manager Powermarks back in (gulp) 1997.  Several years ago, Powermarks gave up the ghost and I moved to Linkman, which is even better (and which will import bookmarks from Powermarks and just about anywhere else).  With Linkman, all my bookmarks are in one place, and no matter which browser I use, I can access my bookmarks, add bookmarks, etc.  I know there must be some reason that people who use multiple browsers save their bookmarks in each one rather than in a program like Linkman, but I honestly don't know what that reason is.  I hope I'm not sounding smug and self-righteous--I don't mean my remarks that way.  I'm just puzzled--and in love with Linkman.  :-*

Does it let you use your own ftp site or do you have to use their server?

I did have an issue today where I had to kill Opera. Then again, I had an obscene number of tabs open.

The scaling is nice though. I like the new slider.

One weird thing... I had Opera Mobile on my phone, and have updated it, and installed Opera Mini... Huh?  :huh: Seems odd... I'm not sure what the difference is, but I'll look into it.

Pretty light on features, but that probably makes it the most stable Opera x.5 build in recent years. The new skin could use some work, though, it still has a few niggles here and there.


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