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Opera 11.5 Released

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List of features

Just in case anyone was curious :)

Thx Josh. Gonna have to give it a try. I find I've been using Opera a lot more than FFox lately. If Opera had a feedreader add-on I actually liked it would probably replace FF as my default browser.

I'm still using all the major browsers, except for Safari as Apple seems to like to stealth install stuff...

But Opera is my #1 right now. Issues? Sure. But fewer issues than other browsers.

Lately I've been using Chrome #2 instead of FF #2... IE is my secure browser for important things, and that's not a lot, so it's #4.

But surfing with Opera 11.5 now! (Thanks Josh.) And I've updated it on my phone as well. (About time to give Opera another chance there.)

Results. Nothing matters but results...

If ad-block plus add-on goes to opera along with xmarks and few other FF add-ons then i have no other choice than to switch.

New version feels fast enough. :Thmbsup:

Although.. the new looks are going to take a while to get used to; the status bar not having the glass color anymore is especially annoying; it stands out too much right now with its whitish shine.


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