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DONE: Foreground wallpaper

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You're welcome and thanks for the feedback.  If you want, you can send me the icon and I'll recompile the app with it.

here I am with 2 pngs\icons trials attached, probably as application icon "Lucidity 1" is better
tell me your opinion and if you'd like some change !
thanks for the permission !

I think I'll go with the second one.  Do you have a website of yours that you'd like me to reference in the credits?

OK ...well this is my front page on Wincustomize site "...only for personal Fun&Share..!"
many thanks for the time you dedicated on creating Lucidity "the transparent effect without Aero!"!  :D

btw tell me the direct link to provide on my Lucidity icons presentation.

@skwire: Interesting effect. I tried that (Lucidity) out. That's quite a nifty little app you made there, though I won't be using it myself (I dislike having my screen visually cluttered).


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