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DONE: Foreground wallpaper

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I created a transparent effect with the application DeskProjection  (abandoned but you can find it on majorgeeks here )

as you can see in my screenshot the image on top is the same of the desktop wallpaper and the opacity is set to 20%
my request is an application similar to DP but able to automate the process to pick the wallpaper.bmp in C:\Documents and Settings\user\Local Settings\Applications data\Microsoft
or on the contrary to be able to set at the same time as the foreground working image as the matching desktop wallpaper

thanks for any help !

I downloaded that app and it's entirely controllable from the commandline.  You can simply create a batch file with something like the following in it:

c:\path\to\DProj.exe C:\Documents and Settings\user\Local Settings\Applications data\Microsoft\wallpaper.bmp t20

Or, if the app is already running, and you change your wallpaper, you can simply use the "r" switch to reload the image:

c:\path\to\DProj.exe r

Of course, if I've misunderstood your original post, please let us know.   :D

Many thanks for the suggestions skwire, it's really a good idea to use the batch files !  :Thmbsup:
there is just 1 step to add the wallpaper.bmp cannot be used as it is, first I should convert it into .PNG

btw do you know the commandline to set an image as desktop wallpaper (best of all: stretched )


Give this a try:  Lucidity

* Extract the zip to a folder of your choice.
* Drag and drop any image (jpg/png/gif/tif/bmp) onto the Lucidity.exe file.
It should then set that image as your wallpaper (stretched) and create an effect similar (same?) to the Desk Projection application you mentioned above.  In fact, I think my version uses less CPU and is less laggy as a result.  You can adjust the transparency percentage by editing the included config.ini file in any text editor.  Let me know if it works for you.  Thanks.

Wow, that's great skwire !!  :P
Yepp exactly what I meant = Lucidity  !
Well I'm a skinner and surely I'll going to create a new icon dedicated to Lucidity
also with your permission I would like to upload the icon on my Wincustomize Gallery with your application embedded,
giving full credits to you and the direct link you will suggest me (I already did something similar with EmptyBin  )

Many many thanks for your great work !
I will update soon with the icon trial ...


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