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Canceled NANY 2012 Pledge: Crush Turbochecker


NANY 2012
Application Name Crush TurbocheckerVersion DescriptionQuick file-checking with variable securitySupported OSes Windows 95 forwardSetup File [url=http://]
System Requirementsnothing specialAuthor InfoDescriptionChecking Files on fresh burned DVDs or HDs is very time-consuming. All programs I know only do a perfect match check (bit for bit). In most cases a simplier check to see wether the most important files seem to be ok would be enough.
Crush Turbochecker should do this job faster than ever before (perhaps) with a variable way of security. Another reasonable improvement would be a combination with the creation of content-files for searching if there´s time enough.
(planned)Features- quick check of file structure
- quick(er) check of file content
- variable checking security
- creation of content in a text file
ScreenshotsInstallationUsing the applicationUninstallingKnown Issues

Sounds intriguing.  I look forward to seeing your progress on this, Crush!

I´m sad to tell you that a release will not be possible this year . I had much too less time because of my startup and also some technical problems and so the development didn´t went forward as I would wish. But the project is not dead and should be finished in 2012 if our world still exists :D (or perhaps to the next N.A.N.Y?).

But the project is not dead and should be finished in 2012 if our world still exists cheesy (or perhaps to the next N.A.N.Y?).
--- End quote ---

Cool. I'll hold you to that :D


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