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Anyone Using Bitcoins Yet?

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Is anyone here using Bitcoins yet?

I don't have faith in the value of bitcoins and I won't until mainstream retailers start accepting them for payment. Until then it's a waste of my money/electricity to generate or buy bitcoins.

To be honest, I think that if it does attract mainstream attention/use, it will mysteriously experience problems and get shut down.

Do these service qualify for mainstream market ?

I know that they're not accepted at some popular sites.But the concept is to replace real currency. Most likely individuals and business will enter in this bitcoin stuff earlier and will participate as long as they make 4-6 figure profit out from it and then they'll step out of it. So like any other currency market, bitcoin will also experience few quakes before death.

E-gold got shut down when they tried to do that but recently revived when they worked on their Anti-money laundry policy. Same is the case with liberty reserve and hd-money and other processors.No doubt they're good paypal alternative but they perform poorly when global market is disturbed or if there is recession. 

Bitcoin is already experiencing big problems. Even without those, I don't see the point in using such a volatile virtual currency, there's a reason why pretty much any currency is tightly controlled, virtual or not (see ISK in EVE Online). And even without the volatility, I have PayPal and no way of buying objects under a veil of anonymity, which is nearly impossible anyway.


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