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NANY 2012 Release: Kyrathaba's Hangman

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Just think, if I had known how much Warner Communications had paid for the copyright to "Happy Birthday", I may have broken a million points.
--- End quote ---

Even as it stands, I doubt anyone will surpass your current score, to win the August high-scorer award.  But we'll see...

As an aside, there are relatively few puzzles involving numbers.  Less than 1%.  One of the advantages of playing a lot, as you have, is that you become familiar with puzzles seen previously, allowing you to solve faster.  You'll remember the one that stumped you, the next time you come across it :D

Welcome capitalh and davejc64 to the competition.  If you have any questions that the program's Help file doesn't clear up for you, feel free to drop us a message here (I trust you're reading the DC boards, surely :) )

Welcome salmuina to the competition!

Here's a really odd one (okay, not odd, just not one you think of when beta-testing), but I can't get past the password.  Either I fatfingered it when I set it up, or I just don't remember what it was.  Still, I noticed that there is no way to reset it or retrieve it.

Still, I noticed that there is no way to reset it or retrieve it.
--- End quote ---

PM me your Hangman username and desired password and I'll reset it for you.


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