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NANY 2012 Release: Kyrathaba's Hangman

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LOL I came 20 points short of having my current high score before my hangman got :hanged:.

LOL!  Hang in there, hamradio!  You can do it!

Interesting: there are over 78,000 points separating our three highest scorers from the other 39 competitors...

Looks like I found an error:

I'm guessing the little box was supposed to be an apostrophe, but when I typed an apostrophe during the game it didn't do anything. (Take it as a correct guess, or as a wrong one).

It cost me the game, which was annoying since I was getting close to the top scores for the first time in a while.

Thank you, thancock20.  I'll get right on it!

Version is released.  Use "About"->"Update" to download the update installer.

Apostrophes are supposed to be among the punctuation marks that are automatically shown in plain-text when a new puzzle is presented (i.e., you  shouldn't have to guess them).

I've made a small change which should fix this problem.  Formerly, the punctuation characters that were not masked at the beginning of a game were:

--- ---public const string Punctuation = "&., !?'(){}[];:\"-/$";
As you can see, I'd inserted an apostrophe using my keyboard apostrophe.  However, when I went to the actual text file and looked up the phrase that lost you the game, I found, and copy-pasted into my source code, a slightly different-looking apostrophe symbol:

--- ---public const string Punctuation = "&., !?'’(){}[];:\"-/$";
If you look just to the right of the question mark in the code fragment above, you'll see that the question mark symbol is now followed by two (slightly different from each other) apostrophes.

Again, thank you thancock20 for bringing this to my attention.  I've updated the program to give you credit as a beta-tester:

My sincere apology that this bug lost you an important game.


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