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NANY 2012 Release: Kyrathaba's Hangman

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Okay, version has been released, and is a fairly major update, in that it provides ToolTips for each of the application's controls, and context-sensitive help via the HelpProvider component and the Help button in the application's TitleBar (as always, you can update to the latest version using the "Update" button in the program's "About" dialog).

The new context-sensitive help's associated CHM document contains:

* 37 topics
* 110 local links
* 50 internet links

Oops, had a teensy problem in v1037.  Version 1038 fixes it.

I found a few broken links in the CHM help file.  Version fixes this.

Okay DC members, there is now less than a month until the first high-score prize is awarded, on July 31st. Thus far, 28 people have registered to compete. Currently, only one of those twenty-eight is a DC member -- Hamradio. It just so happens that Hamradio is also the highest scorer, to date (congrats Ham!)

I encourage everyone to participate. Good, fun, friendly competition :D

Just writing in here to let you know I've registered.  (I don't post much here, so you may not have recognized the username).

And for feedback: This game is fun.  I wasn't expecting Hangman to get so fast paced.


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