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NANY 2012 Release: Kyrathaba's Hangman

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I haven't played, but that sounds like the wrong solution to me. How is someone going to type the altered apostrophe? (That 'directed' apostrophe has its roots in Word, and its automatic quote function.) Keyboards don't have that character, so unless you use some fancy default Windows logic that can convert it to a normal apostrophe, (or some code of your own,) you haven't fixed the actual problem of not being able to guess the proper character yet.

Since you seem to aim for the english market, I'd recommend a plain latin-1 encoding to store your guess texts. You probably use UTF-8 right now, or some other Unicode variety. Even those have a few characters you may not be able to type, but there's far less chance on this sort of mishaps that way; Unicode has tons of look-a-like characters.

Ooh, an update while I slept.  Awesome.  :Thmbsup:

worstje, I think you missed this part:

Apostrophes are supposed to be among the punctuation marks that are automatically shown in plain-text when a new puzzle is presented (i.e., you  shouldn't have to guess them).
-kyrathaba (July 10, 2011, 08:13 AM)
--- End quote ---

Yup, I did indeed miss that. :) However, now that I know that, I am of the opinion Kyrathaba's going about it the wrong way: rather than listing the characters that should be displayed automatically, I would list the characters that are guessable. That way, accented characters, hyphens, middle dots, double-arrow-quote-thingies, etc - they'd all be displayed. The characters one would like to guess are usually as simple as a-z and proably 0-9.

Oh wow! I just had one heck of a lucky game. Several of the puzzles I could actually remember from earlier games, because I've been playing so much.
It probably doesn't hurt that I grew up watching "Wheel of Fortune" every night either.
Or that I can type around 75 WPM. (Some of those puzzles got finished with very little time left on the clock).

The puzzle that finally did me in was the occupation "Doctor".

Anyway, I can't actually imagine doing better any time soon. Though, I won't give up trying.

The characters one would like to guess are usually as simple as a-z and proably 0-9
--- End quote ---

And those are the only ones players have to guess in "Kyrathaba's Hangman", unless there's a bug left in the code somewhere.

Oh wow! I just had one heck of a lucky game.
--- End quote ---

Congratulations!  I just had a look at the scoreboard, only to see that your new high-score, and by far the highest on the board, is 453110.  Wow!  That will give hamradio some competition, though I daresay ham is up to the challenge :)


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