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NANY 2012 Release: Kyrathaba's Hangman

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And hamradio once again leads the pack!

email from BenuBird (dunno why he doesn't just join the site and post *hint, hint, Benu):

"...Those guys must be cheating!  I barely managed to break 100-thousand! ;)

--- End quote ---

Possible, but unlikely, and would require considerable skill to break my encoding/obfuscation. I broke 135K when testing.

I am having a hard time at beating that latest score of mine at the moment. Came close a lot of times tho...

We're getting a lot of visitors who're checking out the app.  I've done some free press-releases about the 2012 NANY event, and the Hangman contest.  We're up to 39 registered competitors.  I've made the app available for download various places and, from what I can tell by visiting those locations, total downloads is up to several hundred.  Of course, beyond the actual download you get fewer people who actually install; and beyond the installation, fewer still who actually register and compete.  Still, to be this early in the NANY event, I'm happy.

Welcome to new competitors goosechaser, grandpadeath  and Hangman!  If you're reading this, I encourage you to join the site.


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