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NANY 2012 Release: Kyrathaba's Hangman

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I just tried it from my kids desktop, and they're blocked too.  And I haven't yet received the "We're done reviewing" email I was promised earlier this afternoon.  Hopefully, this'll be over in the next bit.  If it becomes a standing problem, I'll move the database elsewhere...

Normally, the program checks at the end of each play-session and, if your accumulated score is the highest yet (on your local PC), it sends it to the database.

In view of the possibility of occasional interruptions in website service, perhaps I need to add a "submit high score" menu item to the game, so that users can do this manually at anytime.

Got irritated with lame host, so switched.  By the way, the only reason I'm not using DC as host is I can't get my scripts to work correctly here (though they have worked fine on three other sites I tested).  Will eventually get this figured out.

Important: those who've downloaded and installed the program already, you should click "About" and then the "Update" button.  The program should tell you there's an update available (v1.0.2.9) and will offer to download it.  You should respond "Yes".  It'll download it, and exit the current app instance after opening the directory to which you downloaded it.

Install v1.0.2.9, which contains a couple minor tweaks, and switches to a new host for the database.  All existing registered users data has been successfully migrated.

LOL!  About 30 seconds after my previous post, I get this from the other host:


Administrator review of domain is now complete. The website has been approved. Once again, we apologize for any inconvenience caused.
--- End quote ---

So what's the point of charging points for vowels? You have to guess them so it doesn't make sense to punish someone for getting a phrase that has more vowels than someone else.

Also, how come I have to toggle between keyboard and mouse in the settings? When I click on the button to guess a letter, instead of popping up a box telling me that I have keyboard guess method selected, why not just guess the letter?


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