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FARR and Indexing Option - Feedback Requested

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Just wondering : who uses or has tried phitsc's farr Windows Search's plugin ? Here, apart from the  occasional crashes (EAccessViolation : I seem to be the minority with that problem), it's pretty quick searching about 190 000 files (it's not that much... but...) and a 1.53 GB PST file's content : usually 1s, but might take up to 4s for longer queries. I can definitely live with that.

FARR,it's so slow,I have a lot of files,like 1,000,000 files.
Launchy with index is fast,but the indexing is annoying,then I turned to FARR,it's good ,but  I found it's not really what i want.
I'm wondering if FARR can use windows USN Journal as well as Everything,that will be perfect.

YvonZh: Have you tried the Everything plugin for FARR? See here:

I myself very often use this alias to quickly pass a search from FARR to Everything

You might also like: AHK script for replacing the current folder search in Explorer (CTRL+F) with Everything

I'm wondering if FARR can use windows USN Journal as well as Everything,that will be perfect.
--- End quote ---

yes, my plan is implement a kind of api for hooking farr into better search engines transparently, like ntfs etc.

Everything is great when it is working.... but it continually breaks down here. My D:\ drive is my data drive - all data and media files are there. It is the largest and most used drive of the several I have. And Everything drops it at least two or three times a week! I mean, I get some results on D:\ drive, but mostly it ignores it. Settings are correct, the drive is healthy, and Everything initially indexes it along with the others. But then - it decides not to search it any more. No error mentioned in its errorlog.

No other utility or program does this with D:, so I Don’t know why Everything has a problem with it. I do notice though that a few others mention the same issue on their forum, and it is always D:\ drive.

So c'mon mouser!




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