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Help! Ideas for software aimed at 'learning'

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Beth UK:

A couple of people here know that my background is actually nursing. I'm about to start a new course that will mean learning a lot of information by heart (boring, repetitive, but it has to be done). I need a program that will throw pop-ups onto the screen at random intervals asking a question and demanding an answer - like a cross between sticky notes and educational flash cards. I would like to configure it to NOT ask questions that I am happy with - but instead, to repeat questions I am less familiar with.

I already use Anki - a flash card program. However, this does not have the ability to randomly ask a question on screen.

Does anyone have any suggestions - have done all the usual background search and come up with zero!

Help needed!!! :)

I have not tried this but it may be a help.

Beth UK:
I have not tried this but it may be a help.
-cmpm (June 20, 2011, 06:11 AM)
--- End quote ---

Thank you - although it's quite a nice little flash card program it doesn't have the 'sneak' factor I'm looking for - like someone asking you a random question out of the blue without any warning!

With most flash card programs you have to start the program and begin a set period of study.I think what I want is something that can surprise you with a question - little bit like a pop-up notes reminder.

I think you will have a very hard time finding it.

What you're asking for is for a program to steal focus, which is generally considered evil. Pure evil. Evil as in the Devil would shun it.

I can see the point to it, but really, I think you're going to need some luck in finding it.

If you have some code handy for someone, or if you have some VERY specific format ready that can be implemented quickly, then I think you can see if someone will build it for you.

The basics for it aren't very hard. It is however... esoteric.

If you know XML, that would be very good. XML is very easy to create and consume, so it would be an ideal format to contain the questions/answers.

Don't expect anyone to input data for you, but that's a good study exercise, so it shouldn't be a deal breaker. ;)

(I'm interested, so do post back. I may be able to help out, but no promises.)

You would have to know the program is running.
So no sneak factor would be possible in that respect.
Plus, possibly, setting the 'flash cards' on a timer,
never heard of a random timer, but it could be here somewhere.


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