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Newsletter for June 12th, 2011 - "Summer Server"


Newsletter for June 12th, 2011"Summer Server"

1. Newsletter Editorial

Greetings and welcome to another edition of the DonationCoder newsletter!  We've got a pretty full edition this time so I'll keep my comments here short.  If this is the first of our newsletters that you've received let me explain a bit how we create the newsletter.  Each month we go through our forum and try to select noteworthy topics and discussions and compile them into newsletter form.

2. User-to-User: Your Input Requested

We welcome everyone's participation on the forum, no matter what your level of computer knowledge or how long you've been a DC member. If you're still waiting to make your first post, see the links below for some good places to jump in.

* Building a new DC Self-Teaching Programming School?
* General Poll: What should there be more of on DonationCoder?
* Backup Strategy: "The Threes"
* A silly idea of mine: Printable new-agey end of day summary checklist
* Automatic document creation. How?
* Looking for a single timeline task planning tool
* Show us a photo of your mutt or other creatures..

3. Software Updates

I updated a bunch of my applications since the last newsletter.  Mostly minor bugfixes, but one new big release of an application called "Little Voice Commander" which is designed to encourage young toddlers to babble and speak.  I also started a new series on Top 10 Tips for my Find and Run Robot; if you've ever been curious about it, that might be a good thing to browse.

* Little Voice Commander Release v1.36.01
* Screenshot Captor v2.95.01
* Find and Run Robot v2.99.01
* FARR Plugin: FProcs
* Top 10 Find and Run Robot Techniques Every User Should Know About
* LaunchBar Commander v1.127.01
* Unicode Image Maker v1.13.01
* Flipbook Printer Suite v2.04.01

4. Member Releases

We've had quite a few software releases by DC members lately.

* Advanced Network Configurator
* A simple and handy MP3 Cutter and Editor
* Script (ahk) to split audiobooks (audiofiles MP3 and OGG)
* FadeTop - a visual break reminder that fades the desktop
* Overlap Wallpaper
* MaxaMiser 1.3
* IDEA: Open images without program window showing.
* Fold - tile file explorer windows
* WinButtons

5. Website Discoveries, Debates, and Discussions

What's new in cyberspace? What exciting new sites have been discovered by forum members?  What's the current hot topic and debate? Read on to find out..

* Another Forty-Three of The Best Free Windows Enhancements
* Kickstarter and Indie2GoGo Projects Spotlight - May 10, 2011
* Tech shopping tips
* Kickstarter Spotlight - May 26, 2011
* Why ebooks are bad for you
* Couch surfing over USA

6. Fun, Games, Humor and Amusements on the Web

If you've read the newsletter up to this point, take a break and check out the lighter side of the forum - humor, videos, and games..

* Terraria Game (2d minecraft?)
* Cat and Owl are Friends
* Presents: The Guide to Classic Graphic Adventures
* Man vs. Mississippi
* Website lets you practice using SLR Camera controls

7. General Software Discussion

Almost half the posts on the forum fall into the category of general software discussions, questions, recommendations, etc. This is one of the most active sections of the DC forum and a great resource if you're trying to solve a software or hardware related problem. We get so much traffic on this board that we've split the recent content into sections in the newsletter - general software and specific software discussions.

* Wiki software with authentication
* Software recommendations for writers
* PDF to Word converter comparison
* Looking for whiteboard photo cleanup software
* Need Help figuring out what personal wiki software fits my needs
* Web clipping
* 7 Freeware Windows Explorer Alternatives / File Managers compared

8. Specific Software Discussion

This section of the newsletter draws attention to some of the standout discussions about specific programs that have been started since the last newsletter.

* Windows 7 Power Users Guide.pdf
* Kindlebility: Send web articles to your Kindle with one click
* WorkTimer: A free web app for freelancers
* In search of an alternative to InfoSelect ...
* 15+ useful Chrome Extensions you might not have heard of
* Not bad article on The Sins of Ubuntu
* Repeat Region Capture and Numbering Files for Animation/Sequencing

9. Developer's Corner

The title of this section shouldn't scare you off - there is definitely something of interest for everyone here! It's more than just a section for the discussion of software development, it's also where we discuss web design, entrepreneurial ideas, and general productivity issues.  It's great to see that the section has been pretty active recently.

* Review of VistaDB
* Steal like an artist, zombie lies, and why Microsoft is irrelevant
* The Finch - $100 Robot for Teaching Computer Programming
* Apples, Walled Gardens, and Screw Deals - Oh My!
* StartupGuild
* Podcasts of ACCU 2011 conference
* Book: Learn Python the Hard Way
* OpensourceCMS - Try Before You Install
* Thoughts on HTML5?
* Tutorial: Visual Studio C# For Beginners
* Buy & Sell Source Code
* SWF 2 EXE "open source" release help, please
* Google Killing off Google Translate API & More

10. Hardware Hideout

We tend to focus on websites and software on the forum, but that doesn't mean that DC forum members aren't always on the lookout for cool new gadgets and information on maximizing their computer's performance.

* SSD Drives - something to consider before taking the plunge
* Decided on RAID 1 - SSDs or HDDs?
* favourite hardware hacking resources
* Force USB Drives to use Drive Letter X
* Tablet Discussion - in the market to buy
* Which is more important: the gadget, or the software and apps that runs it?
* Google's ChromeOS Laptops for $20/month

Thanks for the great newsletter. :Thmbsup: As usual, there are some really good topics featured.

Only one reply to this month's newsletter - Yikes!

Thanks for the interesting synopsis: discovered a couple of posts that I'd missed and revisited a few others to catch up on the latest musings from fellow DCers.


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