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Couch surfing over USA


Fred Nerd:
Hey all,
How many of you know Couch Surfing?
It a REALLY good way to meet interesting people and to see things you normally don't when travelling.  Not to mention the cost saving.

I'm coming from Australia to USA for the 2nd time in July. All I know is that I'm getting into NYC on the 28th. I have some plans and ideas for there, but my next step is to get to central Wyoming sometime in the middle of July and stay out on a the most awesome ranch there which I discovered last year.

So if anyone is in the New York or pretty broadly surrounding area, or near an airport since internal flights are cheap enough, and want to catch up for a few drinks, or wants an excuse to go sightseeing, or anything else fun, we could meet up sometime.
If I can sleep on your floor/couch, then I can buy the drinks and dinner :)

Oh, and here is my CouchSurf profile

And even if it doesn't help me, I hope people check it out and join and help spread 'helping people and having good times'

Couch Surfing is pretty awesome. Lots of other similar sites getting in on the act too., (specific to cyclists),, and a bunch of others. Here some more info on this kind of thing with some more sites listed:

I went on an 8 week road trip last year and stayed with a few Couch Surfers, overall a good experience. :)

- Oshyan

A friend of mine here in Paraguay had an experience two years ago. One girl from the Eastern Europe region came over here (to Paraguay) for trekking...the kind where one is walking with a big bag on their back, not having discussions who was hotter, Deanna troy or Seven of Nine (after all, this is a site where also nerds tend to hang out).

As it was hot she tended to sleep naked...and during the morning rise routine, paths would sometimes cross.  :-[ My friend was not complaining, but his wife did not appreciate it too much. After she left the "water" for couch-surfing was dried up, so to speak...

Fred Nerd:
Damn, why didn't she come over here???
Oh well, I did have 2 french girls who came for a night. But then they got tonsilitis, and ended up a week. Pity I was working away, and I only saw them the first weekend and the last, and between my Dad had to look after them.
After that, I was all for it, and Dad was all against it.

BUT I also met some really good people through it in  my travels as well. And they're often poor students, and I'm an Australian working class on holidays, so the drinks I buy are welcome :)


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