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mp3 audio to text

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I'm not sure if Google is still doing their voice to text on YouTube anymore - I've not seen one in a while.

Andrew and I did an interview with Adam Smith on the problem. He's working on a solution, but it has a radically different approach than DNS. However, Andrew took down the site where the interview was, so it's no longer available there, but it looks like it is on iTunes:

Adam explains the problem with the current approaches quite well.

I am going to learn.
Best Regards

Do you actually need a transcript of speech/discussion, or simply the ability to search for a phrase and the point in time on the recording when that phrase occurs?
If you just want the latter, then slinging the mp3 or wav file into MS OneNote will get it indexed and searchable.
As discussed in this thread: Microsoft OneNote 2007 - some experiential Tips & Tricks

It's is the transcript of speech/discussion.


I use Ivona products -excellent!



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