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FARR Plugin: FProcs - v1.01.01 - June 11, 2011

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This is a plugin for my Find and Run Robot program.

Download from:

This plugin is triggered by default with: fprocs

It shows a list of running processes -- with top-level windows (like you see with alt+tab) at the top of the list.

Filter the list and hit enter or select any item to switch to that active window.

Or right-click for more options including the option to terminate the process.

See advanced options for the plugin to tell fprocs to always switch to an application if it is already running, no matter how it is launched.

Note there are several other plugins that already do this kind of thing as well:

* FARRAltTab by vitalyb -
* ProcessKill by taichimaster -

nice plugin, will come in handy.. :up:

If anyone has any feature requests let me know.

If I use fprocs to kill a process it still remains in the list.

This is perhaps by design since it would allow for easy relaunch of the application (say after a crash) but also seems a little odd (the process is still listed despite being terminated)



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