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Looking for a single timeline task planning tool

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Hi all...

I'm looking (with no luck until now) for a really simple task planning tool with the following features:

* Single timeline (i hate gantt complexity)
* Single resource.
* Being able to define tasks (description, notes, color, duration in days and hours)
* Tasks will "stack" or "append" to each other (i need only sequential tasks)
* By setting the starting date of the sequence, all tasks will compute start/end date, considering weekends and holidays
* By reordering tasks (drag'n drop) all date recalculation will refresh automatically
* A timeline graphical representation
My search is driven by the need to get some tool that will fast allow me to recompute due date of my tasks with near-to-zero-effort. I don't need to plan a complex project. There are many other complex project planner used by other people, i need only a fast tool for a single resource planning (me)

Anyone knows something like that?

Thank you! Umberto

This is probably too much, but would openproj be usable?

Thank you Ath for your feedback.

Too bad OpenProj (like, GanttProject, MSProject and so on) falls under the cathegory of what i feel "too-much-complicated-to-be-useful".

I mean... all those are good tools, but are they really useful to plan a single resource time allocation? I feel they are useful only for project planners that need to fit each resource in its time slot.

I found myself wasting lots of time to set up a scheduling with those tools and, due to the intrinsic complexity and rigidity of the tool, the schedule always had a really short life before being out of sync (in my work i need often to re-schedule and those tools are too much "static" for this kind of use).

So I decided to stop looking for gantt tools and trying to find a one where each time slot is on a single, sequential, timeline.

I't more effective for my needs.

Thank you anyway! Umberto

uuderzo : this might do some of the things you are looking for, though it may be too simple...

Task Coach

I've used this for a number of years, simple, portable and free


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