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Looking for a single timeline task planning tool

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@joywind: I suppose this tool is not designed for planning, but for reporting. Too bad it doesn't match my needs. Moreover, i see that tasks can live on the same row, but they cannot touch one another, when you try this the task you are working on jumps on another parallel timeline. This doesn't fullfill my need of "stacking" tasks. This is not vital anyway. The mosto noticeable missing feature is the auto recomputation.

@elvisbrown: This is a really complex tool. Nothing against it, it looks complete and full of juice but it's not possible to decide the order of tasks. Yes you can, but only by tewaking the priority field. And there is not recomputation of dates by rearranging tasks.

Both tools work "upside down" respect of my needs. I mean: both need a "start date" and a "end date". To refactor i need to accomodate the start date and end date of all tasks (by dragn' drop or other means, but all of them need to be arranged manually).

On the countrary, i'm looking for something based on "the length" instead of a couple of dates. I know how much effort a task will need from me, but i don't know when i'm available for that effort. And i accomodate manually the order of my task list until i see a good result for start/end dates.

I seen there is a "budget" field in TaskCoach, but it looks somewhat separated from the core part of the planning.

Again, thank you for your hints. Umberto

What time planning horizon are you speaking off.  Days, Weeks or Months?  Are your tasks normally less than a day or several days?

Hi Nwclark.

My usual time frame is a few months (max 6)
My tasks vary between few hours (usually i don't plan them) to a couple weeks.

My customer assigns me tasks in random order and, on a time-to-market basis gives me some priorities. This usually is the starting point of all the chaos. Then a stream of priority changes comes (this is what i'm calling "good organization") then i must answer to questions style "what if you bring this task before that one?".

You may feel al that silly but... er... that's it. * Sigh * :)

This is the reason i'm looking something based on duration and floating start date, not on a static begin/end date. Sure weekends and holidays should be kept in consideration during the start/end date "projection".



Have a look at ToDoList from
Only "timeline graphical representation" isn't available as far as I can see.


Try this, simplicity itself:


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