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What's Your Favorite Gadget? Here's mine with a Discount - A Seltzer Maker

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Thank you Mouser and everyone for a terrific thread!

a) I used to make egg creams with seltzer and a real seltzer bottle I found at a garage sale.

2) y'know, there's No egg and No cream in an egg cream?

Bite-sized trouble doesn't like to watch me clean my ears. She says I shouldn't have that look on my face unless she's involved!

I have that ladder!!

I've never had any luck rewinding a DVD; spinning it on a pencil never works. (only for VideoCD's--you can rewind those any way you like.)

 ;D :D :D :Thmbsup: :D

True that the sodaclubusa code RAD30 is expired,  here are a few useful codes, that as far as I can tell, do not have a determined expiry date, all of which I have used in the past.  (I use KSE10 most frequently.)

KSE10 (Kids for Saving Earth 10% discount) - Takes 10% off the entire order - Often times cheaper than the seasonal "discounts" they run, for ordering the kits.  (That is not the case with the sodaclub penguin, its seasonal "discount" code is cheaper there). Also handy in the case of reordering supplies.  In the case of reordering at least $55.56, this discount will cancel out the $4.99 shipping charge for "reorders above $50".

FREEMIX - Allows you to add 1 soda mix to your order free of charge.

CHEAPGAS - Allows you to order spare carbonators at refill carbonator pricing.


I do indeed like this machine for making my own pop.  Also, Compared to store bought diet soda, I actually prefer the soda club diet soda, taste wise.

Also,  they do indeed ship this to some parts of Canada.  (BC for sure, as I live in that part.)  They however do not ship to alaska or Hawaii.

welcome to the site caitsith2.
yep i use mine every day with juice conentrate.  i buy about 6 cans of different flavored juice concentrate from the supermarket and make my own custom "sodas" with cranberry+grape+apple etc.

if you have kids, here is the cheap and healthy alternative to buying soda - and you can challenge them to invent their own flavors :)


The last post in this thread was from 2006!

My favorite Gadget that I don't own is a watch:

Pimpin' Ain't Easy SS by Pimp

I'm not fond of the brand/model name, but the watch itself is cool. It's cool because nobody knows how to tell time on it without studying it for a few minutes. So people could come up to me and ask what time it is and I'll just show them my watch and they'll be like "What the heck does that say?" and I'll be like "Hey baby, want to go to lunch sometime?" "Oh, that, it says 4:32pm."

(see attachment in previous post)
This one says 5:35 (click for larger image)
It's actually quite easy to tell the time with it, once you've figured it out, but I can only imagine what kind of a conversation starter it would be. There are also models with Gold watch/Red LEDs and Black watch/White LEDs.
-Deozaan (October 04, 2006, 08:55 PM)
--- End quote ---

I just found a clone of this $200+ watch that I've wanted since I found out about it over 10 years ago. Now it costs $10 on ThinkGeek:

The time in this photo is 1:39.


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