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Release: Birthdays (simple birthday tracking app)

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can you tell me what's the purpose of the add as monthly tick box?-nogojoe (March 24, 2012, 07:23 PM)
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It's an easy way to add a new entry to each month in one shot.

Hi Skwire,

Thank you very much for this little gem. I love it and I am using it a lot, but I am missing something that I am not sure if already exist: the possibility of keeping it minimised in the system tray and popping up a reminder when a birthday arrives ... errr... sorry, in fact I think I am asking you for two things  :-[

I agree absolutely with the approach of keeping it small, so please take this in account if you decide implement these two things.

Thanks a lot.

Nice nickname and avatar; I loved the Dune series.  =]  As to your post, I wrote Birthdays with the intention that it didn't stay running in the tray or anything like that since, I feel, there are many birthday reminder apps already out there.  That being said, what you're requesting isn't all that difficult to add so I'll try to find some time to add it in.  Thanks for the feedback.

Thank you for your kind words Skwire, Dune series always make me think.

As for your great software, I am using it all the time, but I never could find a good birthday reminder that was small, simple and that could just do one thing only without being bloated and RAM addicted. I will be grateful if you can implement the changes, but please do it only when you have time.

Thank you for all your fantastic programs.


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